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Sunflower Health Food Shop Closure News

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It was several weeks before Christmas when a customer of ours at “Health Foods For You” said that we may want to contact “The Sunflower” health food shop in Hadleigh as she had heard that it was closing down. We were so shocked as that shop had been established for about 36 years and had a strong loyal customer base providing wholefoods & supplements. But the opening of Morrison’s in Hadleigh was pulling shoppers out of the town & apparently the footfall just wasn’t there.

Being aware that this was a sensitive matter I eventually made a call to Theresa, the owner, to see if there could be some resolve and to offer support and my help in any way.

At “Health Foods For You” we weigh & bag our own produce in house to maximise quality & profits & this was not a service that Sunflower, Hadleigh offered.

I talked to Theresa about pooling our energies to continue to provide a service to Hadleigh. Although I had only been open myself for 18 months, following redundancy from Sudbury’s long established health food shop,  it was so sad to think of yet another independent health food shop being lost, along with several jobs.

A date of Christmas Eve however was set to close the doors of “The Sunflower” for the last time & it was so sad, having just been through my own shop set up I could relate to the implications of losing staff, money, emotions, time & energy.

Sunflower Customers Support From Health Foods For You, Sudbury

Theresa wanted to support me at Health Foods For Youwhich was fantastic. She knew how we were struggling to keep our heads above water. She very graciously advertised my business in her closed shop window & on her web site which for me was a great opportunity to offer a mobile Home Delivery to Hadleigh.

Are You A Sunflower Hadleigh Customer?

“Health Foods For You is Only 20 Minutes Away From Hadleigh”

It also created awareness that “Health Foods For You” is only 20 minutes away in Sudbury. With a free bus for OAPS to Sudbury, many people came over to see our shop with assurance that we could provide the special dietary requirements and advice they need.

We have met some lovely people and a fortnightly Health Foods Home Delivery Service to Hadleigh is permanently in place.

Contact Us Direct To Place Your Order

Contact Us Direct If You would like to place an order for Home Delivery in and around Hadleigh, Suffolk.

The Healthy Team
Health Foods For You

Telephone: 01787 828262

Do you have a health concern?

Do you have a health concern that you would like help with?

Our resident Nutritional Therapist, Erin Cunningham, from Nutrition Together is now taking bookings at Health Foods For You.

Erin is in the shop Monday and Wednesday afternoons so pop in for a chat to see how she could help you.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day!! xx

New Complementary Therapy Room At Health Foods For You

Exciting News For Men and Women!

Health Foods For You now has a brand new Complementary Therapy Room at our premises in Sudbury with a whole host of complementary therapies and treatments to pamper you.

Appointments for ladies and gentlemen are NOW available for:

  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Holistic Facials
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Homeopathy
  • Reflexology
  • Hopi Ear Candles
  • Hot Stone Massage

Ladies and gentlemen… Call us NOW to book your appointment…

Telephone: 01787 828262

 The New Complimentary Therapy Room at Sudbury, Suffolk

Complementary Therapies Room at Sudbury, Suffolk

 The New Complimentary Therapy Room at Sudbury, Suffolk