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Story to Date

Health Foods for You the friendly independent shop in Friars Street is owned by Jane Pearson who has run the business for over 4 years . With many challenges in the industry and a young family Jane was determined to do her best to provide a much needed service in the community offering a range of quality products and supplements  at competitive prices. Locally sourced, organic and vegan being her speciality.

At Christmas last year Jane had no choice and was not in a position   to renew her lease in May at Friars Street. This  was a huge decision and not taken lightly. “I feel id reached my potential here and so many people do not come to Friars Street to shop or browse and since the fire in September I feel I was not in a strong position to continue by just ticking over any more. My loyal regulars just weren’t enough  to make it viable to stay ”

But because Jane feels there is so much more potential if she was more centrally placed she continued to keep looking for a suitable property. Customers need speciality products that you simply cannot buy anywhere else and I am always happy to source and order such items in for people.

Most of the larger premises in North Street being suitably placed become too expensive along with crippling business rates so Jane was unable to give her customers the commitment of a new location she felt the shop much needed. All of the regulars will know that things were desperate with the last day of trade being last Saturday and still nowhere to go! Stock was run right down and customers were led to believe that the shop was in fact closing.

I just kept saying to customers “watch this space” because I couldn’t believe that this was the end and I felt hopeful and remained positive that something would come up, I just didn’t know what!

A week before closing an opportunity came up for a little shop in North Street which Jane felt was the perfect location to move her business to.

75 North Street is the new address for Health Foods For You, next door to Sudbury Shoe repairs. Past Juniper flowers and Rafi’s spice box. Jane acted quickly to secure the shop and as of next week is preparing the business for this amazing and exciting opportunity. I’ve always believed in fate but this was getting bit close even for me!

There is a little work involved in getting the shop fitted out and ready but Jane is aiming to open at  the end of the May 2016  all being well. NOW OPEN !

Orders can be placed over the phone as usual on 01787 828262.