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About us

Health Foods For You is an independent shop opened in May 2012 by Jane Pearson who has been in the Health, Wellness and Beauty industry for nearly 30 years. Jane and her team are dedicated to providing friendly, confidential consultations and offer professional advice.

Whether you shop on line or in store we aim to guarantee our customers a knowledgeable and efficient service helping you to consider new and tailored options with solutions to support your journey to optimal health and wellness.

 Ongoing training is something that Jane and her team are committed to, and ensure that the shop is up-to-date and current with how they can support you and your family.

The Healthy Team, "Helping you get the best from life!" 

Health Foods For You carefully research and select their suppliers for quality products, some of which are locally made. Assuring you -  the customer of reliable brands and variety at competitive prices  with quality you can trust and enjoy.


 Sudburys First Zero Waste Shop -    "Go Green & Save!"

We are living within an outdated linear economy of production, consumption and disposal. The zero waste mentality is to switch the whole system to a circular economy, which aims on keeping things in continuous rotation and out of landfill. This isn’t to be confused with the recycling economy, which delays the journey to landfill, but winds up there eventually after using lots of energy and resources to keep it in use until then.

At Health Foods For You we have a selection of organic loose, self-serve products for you to choose from.

FOODS -  grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, rice, cereals and loose-leaf teas.

PERSONAL CARE - shampoo, conditioner, hand soap and bathy and shower gel

HOUSEHOLD - washing-up liquid, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner

Why organic?

We believe organic farming is the natural way and ‘organic food’ should in fact just be called ‘food’ So rest assured that everything sold in the Zero waste dispensers is organic.

How it works in our shop;

STEP 1.  Place any empty container on the scales

STEP 2. Fill your container with desired product.

STEP 3. Place the container back onto the scale. We work out your price, then pay for your product! 

We are huge advocates of reusing over recycling so please bring along any container that you like; a mason jar, jam jar, ice cream tub or lunchbox, if it can be weighed, it can be used! This is much more cost effective and will save you money and you will be helping our planet too.  

If ever you forget to bring a container of your own, feel free to use one of our biodegradable bags. If you are new to the zero-waste experience and self-serving in general, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance and we can show you how effortless it is to take back control of your food, getting the amount you need. Shopping this way is simple to do, empowering to you, the customer, and fun for the whole family to get involved in.

Health Foods For You brands we sell